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Winter and Holiday Fun on Bitstrips!


The season is changing, the holidays are approaching, and we’re bringing all the winter fun to Bitstrips for Schools!

We have a number of winter and holiday themed activities currently featured on the site. Fun for all grade levels, these activities are sure to make your students excited for the upcoming season.

My Favorite Winter Sport
Students use their favorite winter sport to create an advertisement illustrating the benefits of being active during winter.

Dress for the Seasons
Students use vocabulary associated with the seasons by showing their avatars performing seasonal activities, wearing the appropriate clothing.

How Will You Spend the Holidays
Students show what they’ll be doing over the upcoming holidays – including at least one nice thing they plan to do for another person.

Holiday Greeting Card
Students create a holiday greeting card that they can then print and share with family and friends.

New Year’s Resolutions
Students create a comic describing one of their New Year’s resolutions and how they plan to keep it.

You can see our full selection of holiday themed activities by searching ‘holiday’ in the Activity Library.

In addition, our Art Library is FULL of winter and holiday related items. You can quickly find holiday props by searching ‘holiday’ in the Art Library, and winter scenes are accessed by scrolling through the list of available scenes.

Students can even dress their avatar for the season by creating a winterized costume. Just direct them to this tutorial on creating outfits.

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Much Ado About Shakespeare – New Featured Activities


Teaching Shakespeare can sometimes be a challenge, especially when students struggle with understanding the language or the relevancy of older works. This month we are featuring a number of activities to help students embrace Shakespeare and literacy in a fun new way. The activities ask students to modernize scenes from plays they may be studying, creatively investigate themes, or summarize important plot points. You can customize these activities to match the Shakespeare play you are studying in class or focus on a particular Act, Scene, character, or theme.

Shakespeare Translated
Students recreate one of the scenes from Romeo and Juliet in modern English.

Tragedy and Macbeth
A summary exercise illustrating a least 4 elements of tragedy in Macbeth.

Julius Caesar: My Favorite Scene
Students create a six-panel strip of their favorite scene from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Storyboarding
Students create story boards for an Act of their choice from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Human Nature in King Lear
Students create a comic that displays Shakespearean insights into human nature through King Lear.

Perspectives on Hamlet
Students create a comic illustrating their opinion on Hamlet’s character and psyche.

You can find more Shakespeare related activities in the Activity Library.

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