Monthly Archives: November 2011


Art updates: Dresses, plus a whole new look

Today we’ve made a bunch of new additions to the clothing library – including dresses!

You can find the new dresses under the Outfits tab in the Art Library (where you’ll also find lots of other ready-to-wear ensembles), and can put them on just by dragging them onto your characters. If you want to customize the colors or other parts of your outfit, just click on the outfit icon under My Outfits, where you’ll be able to save custom outfits for all of your characters –

You’ll notice that we’ve also made a change to the appearance of characters – their outlines are now a little bit thinner.  We made the change just because we think it looks much better, and hope you’ll agree!

The old look

The new look!


New to the Comic Builder: Household scenes and lots of props!

You might have noticed the many new additions we’ve made to the Art Library in the last couple of months – tons of clothes, props & furniture – plus a convenient way of finding it all through the new Search bar.

And now we’ve added a whole range of new household scenes, including bedrooms, backyard (with a chlorinated swimming pool and hot tub!), front yard, kitchen, bathroom, computer room and even a laundry room – 17 new scenes in all.

When you’re playing with the new props, try double-clicking on them to see all their different positions. Most can appear multiple ways – for example, the dishwasher can be open or closed, full or empty!

We’ve also made a subtle but amazing change to how many of the props work. Some of them now have multiple layers, which means that objects can now appear within other objects, instead of simply on top of or behind them. Use the Layering buttons at the bottom of the Comic Builder to try it our for yourself.

Enjoy the new stuff, and look forward to even more coming soon!