Monthly Archives: March 2010

Art Update: New Clothes, Multi-Tail Text Bubbles, Library Sorting

Open up the character builder, and you’ll find some nifty new threads in the wardrobe!  Every clothing category has been expanded, with even more to come in the months ahead.  So spruce up your avatar with a fresh new look today!

New clothing available in the Bitstrips Character Builder!

Another new feature we’ve added, by popular request, is the option to add multiple ‘tails’ to any text bubble.  You can access this feature from the text bubble controls while using the Comic Builder.

Multiple Text Bubble Tails available now in the Bitstrips Comic Builder!

Last but not least, the Art Library now includes a better system for sorting props, furniture and backgrounds – check out the ‘collections’ list to see a new set of categories that will make it much easier to find specific objects.

new categories make browsing the art library easier!

We hope you and your students enjoy these new features – meanwhile, we have even more exciting upgrades in store, coming very soon!  Keep watching this space for updates…