Monthly Archives: August 2011

Happy New (School) Year!

The new school year’s already upon us, and we’ve got a bunch of exciting new features to share with you in the coming weeks. But first things first – here’s a quick refresher on getting your classroom set up and ready to go. The good news is it’s easier than ever!

Archive your old classrooms
Keep your homepage uncluttered by filing away your old classrooms. Just log in and go to your Settings tab, and then click the Archive Classroom button under each of the classes you’re not teaching anymore. Archiving is useful since it lets you continue to access previous years’ classwork, plus it gives your old students a way to import their avatars for use in their new class. Learn more about Archiving.

Set up your new class and import your class list
After you create your new classroom, you’ll notice a new option to add all of your student names in one step. So if you have your class list on a spreadsheet or a Word file, you can now just copy and paste all the student names at once! If you don’t have a class list in electronic format, we’ve also streamlined the process of entering student names manually. So whichever way you create your classroom, it’s faster than ever.

Once you’ve set up your class, check out our all-new activity library. There are hundreds of awesome new activities to choose from, and a very handy new search box to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Well tell you more about it – plus some other amazing features coming down the pike – very soon!