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Holiday activities – Greeting cards, Christmas shenanigans and more!

Season's Greetings card

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ve updated the Art Library to include a number of new props and scenes that are perfect for celebrating the season. You can access the new props quickly by doing a search for ‘holidays’ in the Art Library, and find the new scenes by scrolling through the list.  From menorahs to snow men to full winter scenes, the library is FULL of holiday related items.

If you’re looking for a fun way to use all these great items, we’re also featuring a bunch of holiday-themed activities: students can create greeting cards for family & friends, make Christmas carol comics, or share how they plan to spend the holidays. Check out these activities and many more.

Here’s a small sampling of the new scenes you and your students can use. Enjoy!

Bitstrips Holidays scenes