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Math is Everywhere!


Bitstrips for Schools is a great way to help your students understand complex or technical ideas. Our most recent selection of Featured Activities asks students to use creative visuals and writing skills to demonstrate real world examples of math concepts. These activities are suited for a variety of different grade levels and can be customized to reflect the math concepts you’re currently teaching!

Math is Everywhere
Students extend their math knowledge out of the classroom and into real life situations. Demonstrating the importance of Math in the real world.

Fractions Every Day
Students demonstrate practical use of their math lesson by creating a comic where they encounter fractions in daily life.

The Shapes Around You
Students show their understanding of the basic geometric shapes all around us by visually identifying common shapes in the provided comic (a comic is provided in this activity).

Adding Whole Numbers
Students create their own word problem in which they must add 3 or 4 digit whole numbers.

Linear Relations
Students explain the difference between direct and partial variation using a real-world example.

Pythagorean Theorem
Students create a comic strip that shows how to use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve a real-life problem.

There is a great selection of Math activities available in the Activity Library. If you have an idea for a Math activity, you can share it with us from the My Activities page in your account, and we’ll add it to the Activity Library!

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Ways To Remember


Educate your students about the meaning and importance of Remembrance Day with our selection of Featured Activities. These activities ask students to reflect on the sacrifices men and women have made during war time.

Giving Thanks
Students create a one panel comic acknowledging Remembrance Day and showing what they appreciate about Canada.

Remembrance Day
Students explain how they will observe Remembrance Day and why it is important to remember the men and women who have died in war.

Remembrance Day Poem
Students create their own poem in comic form about the importance of observing Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day – How I Will RememberStudents demonstrate how they will remember the sacrifices of our veterans on Remembrance Day.

WWII Heroes at Home
Students explain how the people working on the homefront are just as important to the war effort as the people in battle. Students demonstrate some of the things people on the homefront did to contribute to the war effort.

WWII – Six Steps to War
Students must describe/symbolize six events that led up to World War II.

If you have any ideas for Remembrance Day or World War Two activities, submit them to our Activity Library and we will share them with the Bitstrips for Schools community.

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