Monthly Archives: April 2013

British Columbia Student Vote Activities


May 14th, 2013, marks British Columbia’s 40th provincial general election. BC teachers and students are invited to explore the issues with a special set of activities.

Students of all ages can explore the meaning and importance of elections as a part of their Civics lessons. Election issues and practices allow students to enhance their understanding of the Canadian government, democracy, and their own roles as active citizens. In addition to the activities featured, we also urge teachers to register for Student Vote Day – a great initiative designed to provide students with experiential learning experiences.

Use these election-themed activities to give your students a creative way to demonstrate their understanding of the issues as they prepare for Student Vote Day.


Happy Earth Day 2013!


April 22nd is Earth Day and we’re featuring a number of activities for you and your students to mark the day. These activities encourage students to think about the environment and what they can do to live cleaner and greener!

Earth Day Every Day
Students create a comic strip to show easy ways to take care of the Earth on a daily basis.

Be a Habitat Superhero!
Students become the hero when they show the reader how they can stop doing harmful things to our habitats in this comic.

How Can You Save Water
Students describe an everyday situation in which they could save water.

How Environmentally Friendly Is It?
Students analyze the ecological footprint of a product and to what extent it can be reused or recycled.

Celebrate Earth Day
Students create a comic encouraging family or friends to participate in Earth Day.

Stop Littering Campaign
Students create an attention-grabbing ad encouraging people not to litter.

Local Environmental Issue
Students illustrate the different points of view of key stakeholders on a local environmental issue.