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Biology and Bitstrips – Featured Activities


We have a very extensive collection of science activities available in our Activity Library. From space, to physics, electricity, and lab safety, the Science category is full of challenging activities and is constantly growing. Currently, we are featuring activities you would find under our “Biology” tag.

All About the Circulatory System
Students create a comic that includes important facts about the circulatory system.

The Immune System and Pathogens
Students create a comic that demonstrates how the immune system responds to pathogens.

Down the Hatch
Students creatively explain the digestive process by showing a dialogue between themselves and an item of food about to be eaten

Macromolecules in the Human Body
Students communicate the importance of biological macromolecules to the human body

Cell Division
Students sequence the stages of cell division in a comic strip

You can find these and other science related activities in the Science category of the Activity Library. If you can’t find an activity that reflects the concepts you’re teaching, you can always create an activity and submit it to our community!

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