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Happy Earth Day 2014!


In preparation for Earth Day (April 22nd), we are featuring a number of activities related to the environmental movement and environmental protection. These challenging activities are sure to motivate your students to thoughtfully engage with our modern environmental issues.

Global Warming Points of View
Students share their own personal point of view and the points of view of experts in the field regarding Global Warming.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
This activity allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of the 3 R’s by creating a comic that shows specific examples of ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

What Are Fossil Fuels
Students teach their classmates about fossil fuels: what they are made of, what the three major types are, and why they are considered non-renewable resources.

Ethics and Issues in ICT
Students explain one of the impacts of information and communication technology on personal health and/or the environment.

Persuading Someone to Take Action
Students choose an environmental issue and then use their avatar to persuade a person of influence that they must take action to address it.

Human Impact on the Environment
Students edit a provided comic template to demonstrate ways they can make a positive impact on the environment.

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Winter and Holiday Fun on Bitstrips!


The season is changing, the holidays are approaching, and we’re bringing all the winter fun to Bitstrips for Schools!

We have a number of winter and holiday themed activities currently featured on the site. Fun for all grade levels, these activities are sure to make your students excited for the upcoming season.

My Favorite Winter Sport
Students use their favorite winter sport to create an advertisement illustrating the benefits of being active during winter.

Dress for the Seasons
Students use vocabulary associated with the seasons by showing their avatars performing seasonal activities, wearing the appropriate clothing.

How Will You Spend the Holidays
Students show what they’ll be doing over the upcoming holidays – including at least one nice thing they plan to do for another person.

Holiday Greeting Card
Students create a holiday greeting card that they can then print and share with family and friends.

New Year’s Resolutions
Students create a comic describing one of their New Year’s resolutions and how they plan to keep it.

You can see our full selection of holiday themed activities by searching ‘holiday’ in the Activity Library.

In addition, our Art Library is FULL of winter and holiday related items. You can quickly find holiday props by searching ‘holiday’ in the Art Library, and winter scenes are accessed by scrolling through the list of available scenes.

Students can even dress their avatar for the season by creating a winterized costume. Just direct them to this tutorial on creating outfits.

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Halloween on Bitstrips


There are lots of ways to get into the Halloween spirit with Bitstrips for Schools!

Your students can edit their avatars to reflect their Halloween costume this year. Just direct them to this tutorial on creating their own outfits to get started.

You can also check out our featured Halloween activities, where your students can create fun and spooky comics all while improving their writing abilities:

The Stuff of Nightmares
In this horror-themed activity, students practice their narrative and retell skills by showing a frightening comic situation unfold.

Ghoulish Greeting Card
In this activity, students get a chance to let their imaginations run loose by creating a spooky Halloween-themed greeting card using items in the Bitstrips for Schools Art Library.

Halloween Safety
Students create a comic strip that reminds others of important safety rules to follow for trick-or-treating on Halloween.


Halloween scenes in Art Library

Students can make their comics extra spooky with our Halloween-themed scenes. These scenes are available in the Bitstrips for Schools Art Library – just look in the Seasonal section.

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Go Purple on Spirit Day!


Spirit Day is an annual show of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth who are often the victims of bullying at school and in their communities. Organized by GLAAD, the event asks participants to “go purple” on October 17th.

Observe this important day in your classroom with our Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge which is full of bullying prevention comics. You can also find these activities to assign to your class via the Activity Library – just search ‘bullying prevention’.

You can tie-in Spirit Day with these bullying prevention activities by asking your students to focus on the challenges faced by LGBT youth, or to dress their avatars in purple. Check out this tutorial on creating outfits for instructions on how to change your avatar’s clothing.

We hope everyone has a fun Spirit Day and that we can continue working together to create an inclusive and safe environment for all our students!

World Smile Day


October 4th is World Smile Day and we want to celebrate with you!

Since 1999 World Smile Day has been celebrated annually as a day to perform small acts of kindness and help spread smiles. Consider asking your students to create a comic about what makes them smile or an act of kindness that could help others smile. On October 4th, celebrate World Smile Day with your students by sharing their smile comics in your class gallery.

Additionally, you can show your students how they can add emotions and custom facial expressions to their avatars with this helpful video tutorial.

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Teacher Talk: ESL and Bitstrips with Brandon Zoras


Each month we like to feature teachers who are making a difference and using Bitstrips for Schools as a teaching tool. This month our feature is on Brandon Zoras.

For 10 months during the year Brandon Zoras is a science teacher for the Toronto District School Board. However, in the summer, he travels to Taiwan to teach English as a part of the AYJ Global Interactive English Program. Although teaching science to teenagers in Ontario is quite a different experience than teaching English to students in Taiwan, Zoras enthusiastically uses Bitstrips for Schools in both classrooms: “Even though I am into Science I have always loved Art.  So being able to bring an arts based activity in my classes is amazing.  I also wanted the students to be able to express themselves in different ways.”


Zoras uses Bitstrips for School as a fun way to help his ESL students demonstrate conversation skills. Zoras decided to use Bitstrips for Schools in this unique teaching setting as “it allows students to show understanding in a non-traditional way.  Students get bored of the same old “make a brochure” assignments so why not combine technology, art and whatever concept you want the students to understand.  The biggest benefit is the ease at which the students pick it up and want to continue using it.”  Additionally, students who may have been too shy to participate in class used the comics as a way to express themselves and further develop their skills.


While the activities assigned by Zoras in his Ontario science class versus his Taiwan English class mark the biggest difference between the two classes, he found that both groups of students are able to reap the learning benefits of Bitstrips for Schools. In regards to his ESL class he told us that “the students love using Bitstrips… [They] asked to go back and make more comics and many logged in from home and started making comics for fun using English.  Many parents at the parent teacher interviews saw the comics and were impressed that they could learn English through comics. ”

We are very excited to see that Bitstrips for Schools is helping teachers like Brandon Zoras make a difference in global and diverse settings. How are you using Bitstrips for Schools in your classroom? If you have found a fun or unique way to teach your lessons using Bitstrips for Schools, send us a tweet at

Remembrance Day activities

If you’re discussing Remembrance Day with your students, these challenging activities will help get them thinking about the men and women who have died in war, and why we observe this important day each year.

We’ve just added a poppy to the Art Library for the occasion.

You can find it by searching for ‘poppy’ under the Search tab in the Art Library. Just drag and position the poppy onto any character to show him or her wearing it. You can use the group tool to “attach” it to your character’s clothing.

Remembrance Day activities