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Featured Activities – Books Books Books!

This week we’re featuring activities that allow your students to creatively respond to the books they’ve been reading — from making book recommendations to recreating their favourite scene in comic form.  Ideal for all grade levels, you can view these activities here.

Book Report
Students retell a key scene from a favorite book, incorporating characters, narration and dialogue.

Book Cover
Students create a new cover for their favorite book in a one panel scene that illustrates what the book is about.

Book Recommendations
Students entice their classmates to read a book by illustrating highlights from the story.

Have a great idea for a book-related activity? Share it with us from the My Activities page in your account, and we’ll add it to the Activity Library!


Remembrance Day activities

If you’re discussing Remembrance Day with your students, these challenging activities will help get them thinking about the men and women who have died in war, and why we observe this important day each year.

We’ve just added a poppy to the Art Library for the occasion.

You can find it by searching for ‘poppy’ under the Search tab in the Art Library. Just drag and position the poppy onto any character to show him or her wearing it. You can use the group tool to “attach” it to your character’s clothing.

Remembrance Day activities