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Have a Happy and Healthy 2013

new years resolution

We’re celebrating 2013 with a series of featured activities promoting a healthy and happy New Year! These activities are a fun way to encourage your students to make positive changes and healthy choices. Ideal for all grade levels, help your students reach their goals for 2013 with the following activities:

New Years Resolutions
Students create a comic describing one of their New Year’s resolutions and how they plan to keep it.

Student create a comic that reflects on what it means to set a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Relevant, and Timed).

Healthy Choices
Students show their understanding of the effects of diet and exercise on physical health.

Winter Sports
Students create an advertisement to illustrate the benefits of being active during winter.

Positive Statements
Students create different scenes where they might interact with each other and show their avatar making positive or encouraging statements to other students.

Have a great idea for a goal-oriented activity? Share it with us from the My Activities page in your account and we’ll add it to the Activity Library!