Monthly Archives: June 2013

End of Year Activities


Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time for report cards, vacations, and summer jobs! End the school year with a fun Bitstrips activity for your students. Suitable for all grade levels, our selection of end of the year activities provide students with an exciting way to reflect on their school year and look forward to the summer holiday ahead.

Job Interview Gone Wrong
Students use their avatar to demonstrate 6 job interview “don’ts”, using a combination of dialogue, facial expression and body language.

The Journey to My Career
Students create a comic strip to illustrate their career pathway plan. Along the path, students illustrate their choices that support their career aspirations.

Dress for the Seasons
Students use vocabulary associated with the seasons by showing their avatars performing seasonal activities, wearing the appropriate clothing.

My Report Card
Students create their own comic report card, explaining what they did well this year and what they can improve on.

My Memorable Moment
This is an end of the year memory writing activity where students recount their most memorable moments from this school year.