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Share Your Black History Month Activities


To celebrate Black History Month we’re asking teachers and students to share their favourite Black History Month activity comics. Below we have included a number of featured activities that encourage students to reflect on the contributions made by significant historical figures and the importance of studying black history.

Submit the link to your public class gallery to us via Facebook or twitter! Or if you have  great idea for a Black History Month activity, you can share it with us from the My Activities page in your account and we’ll add it to the Activity Library!

Black History Month: Courageous Women
Students display the struggles and courage of Harriet Tubman, Viola Desmond, or Rosa Parks.

Martin Luther King
Students learn about respect and freedom using famous quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr., and reflect on these ideas in their comic strips.

Why Black History Month?
Students create a comic explaining the importance of studying black history.

Moments in Black History
Students create a comic that depicts a significant event in black history.

The Underground Railroad
Students create a comic showing how the Underground Railroad worked and what its historical consequences were.

There are a number of other Black History activities in the activity library which you can find here: