Halloween on Bitstrips


There are lots of ways to get into the Halloween spirit with Bitstrips for Schools!

Your students can edit their avatars to reflect their Halloween costume this year. Just direct them to this tutorial on creating their own outfits to get started.

You can also check out our featured Halloween activities, where your students can create fun and spooky comics all while improving their writing abilities:

The Stuff of Nightmares
In this horror-themed activity, students practice their narrative and retell skills by showing a frightening comic situation unfold.

Ghoulish Greeting Card
In this activity, students get a chance to let their imaginations run loose by creating a spooky Halloween-themed greeting card using items in the Bitstrips for Schools Art Library.

Halloween Safety
Students create a comic strip that reminds others of important safety rules to follow for trick-or-treating on Halloween.


Halloween scenes in Art Library

Students can make their comics extra spooky with our Halloween-themed scenes. These scenes are available in the Bitstrips for Schools Art Library – just look in the Seasonal section.

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