New Stuff Pt. 3 – Grouping objects

This new feature is a major time saver. When you’re working with lots of different art pieces and need to apply the same changes to all of them, manipulating them individually can be tricky and tedious. Now there’s a simple solution – group them together.

To group objects, click on them one at a time while holding down the Shift key – you’ll see one big blue box enclose every object you click on, as in the image above. Once you’ve selected everything you want to group, hit the new Group button in the controls at the bottom. Your group now works as though it’s a single object that you can move, scale, rotate, and even apply filters to, all at the same time!

Grouping makes customizing your layouts much faster and simpler, and once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Video tutorial


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