New Stuff Pt. 1 – In-panel controls

One of the big improvements we’ve made to the Comic Builder is putting the most commonly used tools right inside every comic panel. Now when you click inside a panel, icons pop up around the borders.

Manipulate backgrounds

After clicking inside a panel, mouse over the button in the bottom left corner to reveal controls for working with backgrounds. These are the same familiar controls that let you move, zoom and rotate an entire scene – the only difference is that they now appear inside whichever panel you’re working on.

Copy and paste panels in one click

You can instantly copy and paste whole panels by hitting the Duplicate Panel button on the bottom right of a selected panel. This automatically populates the next panel in your comic with an exact copy.

Change the order of panels

This one is a completely new feature and could save you tons of time if you often need to switch up the order your panels are in. Click the Move Panel button in the top corner to swap that panel with the one that it’s pointing to. The button above is pointing right, so clicking on it instantly swaps the contents of that panel with the one to the right. You can also swap to the left by starting in the right panel and hitting the button pointing left.

Change panel sizes

We’ve also made it simpler to resize panels – look for these new square ‘handles’ along the borders of any selected panel. Then click and drag them to change the size.

Stay tuned to learn about more new features, or better yet, open up the Comic Builder and explore for yourself!


One response to “New Stuff Pt. 1 – In-panel controls

  1. Nice new update lovin’ it 😉

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