Major upgrade: A whole new Activity Library!

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand new Activity Library, featuring hundreds of new curriculum-connected activities and an easy way to find the ones you’re looking for. Here’s what’s new:


Finding an activity is now as simple as typing a topic into the new Search bar. Suggestions appear automatically while you’re typing, and the results show everything at a glance so you can quickly find the right activity and assign it to your class.

Simpler browsing

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, just click on a subject to browse a list of relevant activities. There’s also a new Featured section that shows you activities that are new, popular or timely.

Every activity now has a section showing you what topics it covers  – click on any of them to see every activity in the library that deals with that topic!

Tons more activities

Best of all, there are hundreds of fantastic new activities in the library, created by curriculum specialists and teachers like you. The new Activity Library is a must-see. Whatever you’re teaching, we just might have the activity you’ve been looking for! Check it out here.


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