Major new feature: Simpler comic controls!

We’ve just added a whole new way to control objects in the Comic Builder, making it easier than ever to become a comic-making pro. If you were already used to the old controls, don’t worry – we think you’ll find the new ones more intuitive and quicker to use.

Now, whenever you drag anything into a panel, you’ll notice a blue box appear around it. This blue box is all you need to move something around, make it bigger or smaller, or rotate it. Here’s how it works:

Moving things around

To move any object inside a panel – including characters, props or even text bubbles – just click on it and start moving it around with your mouse. Okay, so far that’s not really new. But…

Scaling things bigger and smaller

When you hover your mouse over any one of the small squares on the edge of the blue box, you’ll see your cursor switch to the ‘zoom’ icon. When this happens, click the mouse button and move the cursor up and down or side to side – your object will start scaling in the same direction! Next, let go of the button and move your mouse back onto the object. The cursor will switch back to the move icon. This means that you no longer need to use the buttons at the bottom of the Comic Builder every time you want to switch between moving and scaling, so it’s much simpler and faster to position things just the way you want them.

Rotating things

Wait, there’s more! Move your cursor outside any one of the corners of the blue box and it’ll switch to a ‘rotate’ icon, letting you easily spin objects around in either direction.

So now alternating between move, zoom and rotate is just a matter of moving your mouse into different areas of the blue box!

What about the old buttons?

One last thing – the familiar Move, Zoom and Rotate buttons still appear at the bottom of the Comic Builder. These are now only used for working with the background of a comic – for example, zooming in on a whole panel at once, or rotating the entire scene. But to work with individual objects, the new blue box is all you need. Enjoy!


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