The Canadian Election on Bitstrips for Schools

Looking for a fun way to introduce the May 2nd Federal Election as a topic in your classroom? Today we’ve added 2 new activities to the Bitstrips for Schools Library that will help get your students thinking and talking about the issues!

In the first activity, Campaign Promises, students make a comic starring their avatar as a candidate, announcing what they will do for Canada if they’re elected on May 2nd.

In the second activity, The Canadian Election, students show their familiarity with the issues by giving voice to each of the party leaders and explaining their campaign message. Both activities include template comics for your students to build from so they don’t have to start their comics from scratch.

To assign either activity to your class, just log into your teacher account and look under Shared Activities in the Activities tab. You’ll find them both on the first page near the top of the list.

Election Day is less than 2 weeks away, so be sure to assign your election activities in time!


2 responses to “The Canadian Election on Bitstrips for Schools

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  2. Great resource! We can use it again this fall before our Provincial election.

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