New fonts in the comic builder!

We’ve just added 5 new fonts to the comic builder! To use them in your comics, just drag a text bubble into your panel as usual, and then choose which font you want to use from the menu. 🙂


14 responses to “New fonts in the comic builder!

  1. great job! bien fait!

  2. Nice! It is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time:)


  4. I love this website!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 NEW FONTS!!!!!

  5. I really enjoy this website!!!! 😀

  6. cool comic,I love this website,it’s cool.XD

  7. wow this website is literally awesome! OMG:) LOL
    “Prisha! Lunch is ready”
    my moms calling me bye!

  8. abby the KOOL AID HATER

    fun way to interact w/ your friends online and the coolest way to do hw!

  9. I absolutely love all the new features like new fonts and how versatile Bitstrips is. The fact that you can embed your comics on your wiki or blog makes Bitstrips the most wonderful literacy tool there is. After making their comics, our students share them and use the embed code to publish their comics on their own wiki page. Once embedded, anyone who has access to the site can see their work. Some of the things I like about embedded Bitstrips comics are that they load very fast, use no storage space on the student page, and you can view them in full screen.

  10. Cool Idea

  11. i love the way its designed 🙂

  12. for my children bitstrips or schools is working:)
    But now it’s all they talk about 😦

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