Art Update – Tools and Street Stuff!

New street and tool props on Bitstrips for Schools

A new batch of props is now available in the Art Library – City street objects and a whole bunch of tools!  With all these cool tools at their disposal, who knows what the students will build next…  Look for the new items in the Street and Tools collections in the Comic Builder’s  Art Library.



2 responses to “Art Update – Tools and Street Stuff!

  1. Hi Bitstrips!! I made 153 comics!! But one day, I wanted to find a good comic on my class page but I didn’t know who made it. I knew the title of the comic. So what I’m asking Bitstrips to do is: Can you put up a “Search Bar” for each class page on Bitstrips for schools? Please do this for me!!

    Thank you, Brian.

  2. Wow! XD Did Brian really make 153 comics? He must be really good at BFS. (Bitstrips For Schools)

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