They’re here! Poseable pets!

Pets on Bitstrips for Schools!

By extremely popular demand, fully poseable pets have joined the Bitstrips for Schools Art Library!

Our new cat and dog are just as flexible as human characters – you can give them an amazing range of emotions and choose from a variety of preset poses. Or put them into Pose Mode and manipulate them any way you can imagine.

To turn on Pose Mode, just double-click anywhere on the cat or dog’s body. It’ll become highlighted in yellow, which means you can now click on any individual body part and position it however you want! The combinations are virtually endless.

Look for our new pet friends in the Comic Builder Art Library under the Characters tab. We have a feeling they’ll soon be more popular than people!


14 responses to “They’re here! Poseable pets!

  1. Wow! I didn’t know Bitstrips made a poseable cat and a poseable dog!

  2. that is so awsome and funny i can not belive it

  3. i think this is so cool i love it helps me do stuff and that stuff…

  4. this is really cool .it would be cool to if they had hamsters and birds and bunnies and stuff like that!!!!

  5. Wow… Really cool but I think there should be farm animals too (cows, pigs, horses e.g.)

  6. YES! my own pets!

  7. The controls are great but having only 2 pets is very limited with a comic strip.


  9. i want them to make more animals!!

  10. I think it’s cool. But maybe more animals would be nice. Like a chinchilla.

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