New feature – Character Importing

Character Importing

Now students can take their avatar and character library wherever they go! Introducing Character Importing, a time-saving feature just for students.

If you’re creating a new classroom, you might discover that many of your students have used Bitstrips for Schools before. If so, they probably have an avatar and a whole cast of characters waiting to join them in their new class.

Importing characters helps students get off to a fast start in your class and saves them the effort of having to recreate their library from scratch. And it’s easy to do – students just need to go to their Settings tab and click on the Import Character button. But before they start, they’ll need to know their login info – class code and student password – from their other class.

If your students have used Bitstrips for Schools before, be sure to let them know about this useful new feature!

Learn more about Character Importing


4 responses to “New feature – Character Importing

  1. this is a really cool, good comic i think whoever made this is really good with computers. whoever did this did a really good job!

  2. This looks really funny. The person who made this comic block is obviusly really good with computers!

  3. This is pretty much the best comic making website I have ever tried. I’m just lucky to be here. 🙂


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