New Feature: Import your own images!

Now the possibilities truly are endless! Starting today, students can add their own photos to comics, or choose from thousands of copyright-free images in the Flickr Commons!

To upload a  photo from a hard drive or memory stick, open the Comic Builder and go to the new Images tab in the Art Library. Then click the Upload Image icon and choose the file you want to import.

Once it’s done uploading, just drag the image from the library into your comic panel, just like you would with a scene or prop! You can find every image you upload under My Images until you delete it.

If you can’t find the image you need in your own library, try the new Flickr Commons search bar. Simply choose ‘Flickr’ under the Images tab, type what you’re looking and hit Search. Then browse through the results and drag the image you want into your comic.


By default, you’ll find Image Uploading enabled for your classes. If you’d like to disable it, or enable image sharing, go to the Settings tab and check (or uncheck) appropriate boxes.


8 responses to “New Feature: Import your own images!

  1. The new system is so sick. You can take real life pictures upload them into your computers and put your comic characters in them. Now that is what i like to call smart /creative thinking. Who ever thought of that idea should be a certified genius. I am so going to use that for like every comic I make. So cudose to the extreme genius who made this new feature. I praise you, in a student loving this thing kind of way. You’ll go very very far.

  2. That’s cool! I can’t wait to log in and try it!

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  4. I love the newsletter. My fifth-grade students enjoy the site.

  5. you did a very good work i would love to read more

  6. How do you delete them? Thanks

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