Class of the Month: Elizabeth Cantwell’s Grade 5s!

Tell us about your students’ reaction to Bitstrips for Schools.

My students cannot get enough of Bitstrips.  They love to create comics, both with assignments and on their own time.  They also enjoy complimenting each other and giving constructive criticism in the comments sections.  A parent told me she can’t get her son to stop doing his (bitstrips) schoolwork.

Your students have made tons of Bitstrips! What kind of stuff have they been about?
We have done four projects.  The first was to create an avatar, of course everyone had a blast with that (especially me).  The second was to create a comic that expressed your personality.  The third assignment was to create a comic promoting Peace on the Playground, an ongoing class generated project to help promote positive behaviors and relationships between and among students.  The last project we did was a superhero verb comic.  The students had to create a superhero and then use the eleven different types or tenses of verbs we learned in our verb unit in their story.  In each of the comics grammar and spelling always counts, so it’s another way to sharpen their editing skills and go over concepts previously learned.
Did you learn anything new about your students through their comics?
I am able to see another side of my students’ personality and, often, I am able to see their unique and often hilarious senses of humor.
How has Bitstrips for Schools helped you teach?

Bitstrips has helped me to teach in that it has given the students a new and fun way to apply their skills.  When combining discussion, notes, reading, and traditional assessments with projects like Bitstrips, I have found that most students are better grasping the concepts of grammar and are scoring higher on our unit tests.  The comics are also effective projects that don’t take as long as traditional papers to grade.

What advice do you have for other teachers on getting the most out of Bitstrips for Schools?
My advice for other teachers is to look through the existing library of sample assignments posted for teachers.  I combined a few of those to come up with my guidelines and rubrics.  Also, use the opportunity to send messages to your students to provide valuable feedback on 1st and final drafts.
You’ve sent us some examples of student work. What can you tell us about these strips and the students who made them?
I chose Sydelle’s Peace on the Playground comic because it exemplifies the major lessons we learned from our guest speaker, Mrs. Gallant, that the main thing that will stop bullying is if bystanders (people who are not the bully or the target of the bulllying, but are there) show they do not approve of the bully’s behavior.  I also think Sydelle did an amazing job of editing to make the bodies really look like the actions she wanted them to be doing.
I chose Connor’s Verb Superhero comic because I think it is funny (Arg, the evil sidekick who really hates yoga), it has all of the elements that I asked for, and all verbs are used well (that was a tough feat).
I chose Tyelor’s because he built kindness and goodwill into his super hero.  I thought the superhero’s power was ingenious.  It could’ve been used for evil and greed, but instead he chose to use the superpower to help others.
The last comic I chose was Chris’s “Bacon’s Trauma.”    Who knew 5th graders, not only understand irony, but can create ironic situations.  I feel it is incredibly advanced thinking on Chris’s part and a very clever idea.
Any interesting stories or anecdotes come to mind about your class and Bitstrips for Schools?
Anecdotes, I would like to send a shout out to Daniel who has created a record 23 comics in his spare time, to Andrew who has created over 30 characters, to Bacon, our class mascot, who has provided inspiration for many comics, and to the entire 5th grade class who has done such an amazing job with the Bitstrips program and absolutely deserve to be Class of the Month!

6 responses to “Class of the Month: Elizabeth Cantwell’s Grade 5s!

  1. Yes, my name was mentioned!!!!! 🙂 8I 8:)

  2. i like this comic it’s so cool!

  3. yeah Bacon rules

  4. click on my name from this message (not any of the others) to get to the Unofficial official Bacon Pigenswine website

  5. I was interested in checking out bitstrips after attending a teacher workshop by Jesse Brown. Mrs. Cantwell’s class has done an amazing job. I wonder if I could do this with grade 2/3?

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