National Writing Project

Bitstrips for Schools is a featured resource this month in the National Writing Project’s Spotlight on Literacy!

The NWP is a unique network of over 200 colleges and universities that works directly with school teachers across America (and beyond) to improve student learning and writing. It’s the largest teacher development program in history and the leader in researching the most effective methods for teaching writing. Students of teachers who use the NWP’s professional development programs perform better than their peers in every measured aspect of writing.

We’re thrilled to be counted among the literacy resources on their site, and are excited to welcome all of the new NWP teachers using Bitstrips for Schools as a writing tool in their classrooms!

Join the effort to make sure that the National Writing Project continues to receive direct federal funding.


3 responses to “National Writing Project

  1. Thanks for having us NWP folks here. I am trying out Bitstrips today and will share it out with folks in our network when I can. So far, I like what I see here.

  2. Kathy Parker-Jones

    This looks great! I can’t wait to work with a classroom to integrate this into their writing. I just know my friend Julie will be up for trying this with me.

  3. Heard about Bitstrips from the National Writing Project Tech Liaisons. We’ve been having a blast this week in the 6th-8th grade after school program. Our avatars are awesome and they even have families! This is a terrific tool for my students to dabble in story telling tidbits. Our programs finishes this week, but I look forward to using Bitstrips next year. Thanks!

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