Major New Feature: Flexible Character Posing!

You may have noticed that characters on Bitstrips for Schools suddenly have a bit more spring in their step – it’s thanks to an amazing new feature that changes the way kids can make comics!  Now every character is like a fully articulated action figure, with the ability to take on any pose imaginable.  Body language adds a whole layer of meaning that goes beyond words – so now students can make their comics more expressive than ever!  The best part is, posing characters is incredibly easy and fun to do.

To manually pose a character, just double-click on it – the yellow highlight around the character and faded background lets you know you’re in ‘Pose Mode’, where you can click on any body part and move it independently. You can also stack arms above or below the body or head, to fine-tune your pose – start by clicking the arm you want to move, and then use the ‘Move Behind’ or ‘Move In-Front’ buttons on the lower toolbar.

When you’re finished posing, double-click anywhere else in the panel to exit Pose Mode.  You can still use any of the pre-set poses from the character control panel at any time, for fast and easy posing.

The Bitstrips for Schools team is thrilled to unlock the power of unlimited body language, and we can’t wait to see what students do with it!


2 responses to “Major New Feature: Flexible Character Posing!

  1. they ARE AWESOME


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