Reading With Pictures

We recently discovered Reading With Pictures, a new non-profit whose mission is nothing less than to “utterly revolutionize the role of comics in education.” They believe that comics have a vital role to play in improving childhood literacy, and we wholeheartedly agree. Led by the award-winning comic writer and artist Josh Elder, Reading With Pictures holds workshops at schools across the US, showing educators how comics can engage kids in reading in a way unlike any other medium.

Comics have come a long way since we were in school, making the unlikely transition from contraband to curriculum material. But there’s still a lot of work to do, and Josh’s team is making sure the momentum keeps building – by overseeing the biggest-ever study on the role of comics in education, as well as producing what promises to be an amazing anthology of original comics made specifically for use in schools.

The anthology is due out this summer, but needs all our help to get published. Their fund-raising goal is $10,000 – a donation of just $15 gets you a signed soft-cover edition for your school library when it comes out, $150 gets your likeness on the back cover, and $250 gets you and a friend added as characters in one of the stories! You can also buy school packages at a big discount.

Naturally, we love what they’re doing, and encourage everyone to support their work by reserving their copy of The Reading With Pictures Anthology!


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  1. I love Bitstripesforschool cuz it’s fun.

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