Class of the Week: Adam Urbach’s Grade 8s!

Chelsea, a student at Moraine Hills Public School, wrote a blog comment suggesting that her class- Adam Urbach’s Grade 8s, should be our next Class of the Week. After reading their whimsical Bitstrips, we couldn’t agree more!
Here’s what Adam says:

Tell us about your students’ reaction to Bitstrips for Schools.

They love it.

Your students have made tons of Bitstrips! What kind of stuff have they been about?

Everyday school life, silly jokes, and some PSA’s.

Did you learn anything new about your students through their comics?

I found out what their sense of humour is like through what they put into the comics. It is very enlightening.

How has Bitstrips for Schools helped you teach?

It has given me another tool to help connect kids with curriculum. They also make their school life more exciting and fun  by what they produce.

What advice do you have for other teachers on getting the most out of Bitstrips for Schools?

I would use it at the beginning of the year to get to know your kids. Use it mid-year to change things up and grab their interest in an assignment that you have struggled to deliver with success. Use it to let them express their social issues and discussions in a fun way.

You’ve sent us some examples of student work. What can you tell us about these strips and the students who made them?

(with help from Chelsea)

Chelsea: This one is funny because of the double word meaning. The fork is “spooning” in bed.

Mr.Urbach: I swear I have seen this one before, it is that good! She swears it’s original, and if that’s true she is one funny kid.

Chelsea: Trouble was very funny because the detective was so into his work that the sign looked like someone was in trouble.

Mr.Urbach: This is one of those jokes that is so lowbrow and funny that you can’t help but laugh. It is also feels like a joke one would tell when actually walking around and observing their surroundings, which I am glad these kids may do that.

Chelsea: This comic was funny because of the irony. They went down the street to get a watch, even though they work in a clock store.

Mr.Urbach: Evan has a tremendous sense of humour and is always trying to make people laugh. He came in today with a glue gun in his hand, posed and said “Bond, James Bond.” I nearly spit my coffee all over the desk.

Chelsea: I liked Yousuf’s comic because it was funny how Henry still stayed in his dream after everyone was dismissed.

Mr.Urbach: This is also an inside joke that may need some explanation. We did WW1 Skits and Henry, who is Russian and still learning the language, said pretty much word for word what you see here. It slayed us all…including Henry after he realized what he had said.


20 responses to “Class of the Week: Adam Urbach’s Grade 8s!

  1. Nice. But why does the class code not work anymore?

  2. good class

  3. You have great comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The are awsome!!!!!!!!!!I am in grade 4.I am in a different school.

  4. you should pick my class of the week beacause were incurging and just being to spelling stuff.

  5. Thts funny!

  6. i like the 1 about the clock store

  7. i like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s so cool oh and i’m in grade 5. it’s asome!

  8. I liked the Trouble one LOL 🙂 Oh and i’m in gr 7 GTG ;)P.S GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) LOVED IT<3

  9. That was a great comic..I’m laughing out loud and I’m in grade seven btw…cuz i’m aweseome that way!! GOOD JOB GUYS!! 😉

  10. My class started this too. Its really cool

  11. lol i like the clock one

  12. That comic is so hilarious. Yousuf I give you props man. That is crazy funny.

  13. the language class one is hilarious. i heart bitstrips for schools.

  14. the language one rules! good job for everybody who made thoose 🙂

  15. Hey i lo9ved the clock one =) oh i’m in gr.5 and i go to mount joy p.s BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  16. hi my name is christian

  17. i love bistripsfor

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