THE ONE MILLIONTH BITSTRIP created by Ontario students!

We just hit a major milestone for Bitstrips for Schools and for Ontario students: the millionth Bitstrip created in this province!

It’s by Sam B of Angela Youmans’ Grd.8 English class. And it’s a good one!

Ms.Youmans asked her class to illustrate an event from Canadian History. Sam chose the story of Laura Secord.

Here’s an excerpt (full strip here):

Congratulations to Sam B, Angela Youmans, and every teacher and student using Bitstrips for Schools in Ontario. You’ve created one million educational comic strips in just 6 months!

We can’t wait for the next million.


17 responses to “THE ONE MILLIONTH BITSTRIP created by Ontario students!

  1. I very HAPPY that students CAN VISIT this website! GOOD-BYE!

  2. thats a weird comic

  3. I think that this is so cool! I want to make the 2nd millionth! Good job to Sam!

  4. wow! this is awesome! how do you make animals via bitstrips?

  5. good job!! <:) 🙂 <:)

  6. 😐 :\ :/ COOL!!

  7. This is so awesome, that so many people have embraced this new way to communicate and learn. My students are using Bitstrips to learn how to express ideas in my CommTech class. In addition my period three Literacy students are overcoming their uneasiness with writing, by doing it through Bitstrips instead. I am getting a whole new attitude from them. Thanks Bitstrips!!

  8. I thought it was impossible to make 1 million comics in only 6 months. But now that I know It’s true I think It’s amasing. Good job to everyone that made a comic for all the million that were made!

  9. that is a weird comic! but kinda cool

  10. weird but cool=) 🙂

  11. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is there a cow baside laura secord?

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