Class(es) of the Week: ALL of Sandra Silver’s Grade 2s & 3s!

We couldn’t choose between all of Sandra Silver’s great classes from Linbrook P.S., so we chose them all!  We asked her for some thoughts on getting great results with Bitstrips when working with younger students:
Tell us about your students’ reaction to Bitstrips for Schools.
It has been very positive; a number have accessed it at home which clearly indicates its attraction to young students.
Yours are some of the younger students using Bitstrips for Schools.  Was it difficult teaching them how to use it?
Not at all. They caught on very quickly and taught me along the way!
Did you learn anything new about your students through their comics?
I did. It can be an interesting medium in which to view their perspective on life in general.
How has Bitstrips for Schools helped you teach?
It has given me a platform for literacy based learning that is both fun and engaging for students and teachers.
What advice do you have for other teachers on getting the most out of Bitstrips for Schools?
Enjoy the experience, focus on the literacy; that is, the dialogue added by the students, their ability to read and follow directions and the opportunity to add comments about others’ contributions.
You’ve sent us some examples of student work. What can you tell us about these strips?
As I teach 11 classes of students (SK – Grades 3) this has provided me with considerable insight into a student’s thinking, homour etc.   It has delighted me immensely. Two of these strips have been published in our monthly school newsletters.
Any interesting stories or anecdotes come to mind about your class and Bitstrips for Schools?
Well, maybe not anecdote, but many of my parents think the program is very neat and some are enjoying it as much as the students!


7 responses to “Class(es) of the Week: ALL of Sandra Silver’s Grade 2s & 3s!

  1. Hey!

    I like your comics. You make the best comics of my life. You should make a comic again!

  2. great comics I want to read more

  3. your comics are so cool! i wish i’ll have a comic. Well, i’ll wait

  4. Dear Bitstrips,

    So I’d like to file a complaint. Now when I go on bitstrips and click on my classmates, it only shows their characters, not their comics. As well as when I send my friends my comics they do not receive them. Please fix this.

    Mr.Mireault’s Grade 7 Class.

    • Hi Tess – your teacher needs to approve the comics before they’re visible to the class, the classroom has been set so shared comics need to be moderated. Sorry!

  5. Ohh thankyou

  6. Good Job Gr.2&3. I loved it!!!! 🙂 😉 😛 ❤

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