Art Update: Fall and Winter Scenes

Winter has officially arrived this morning on Bitstrips for Schools – we’ve added several new fall and winter scenes to the art library as well as over 40 new props. Enjoy!


23 responses to “Art Update: Fall and Winter Scenes

  1. This is really awesome! Thanks for adding this great stuff. I really love how multicultural the season of giving is! I would use all of this scenes in a comic of mine, but too bad no one else would be able to read them–the error on the page is still in tact. =(


  3. I think we need winter fashions.

  4. Wow! You guys did a great job at updating these new season scenes! I am plan to use them for my upcoming comics to make them look better. So thanks a bunch! XD

  5. I think you should add more winter stuff like toys and fashion and a santa for bitstrips basics.

  6. hi!i love bitstrips

  7. Bitstrips are the best!

  8. i love bitstrips best ever place 2 be online

  9. i like the tecnoligy

  10. nice job miss curtis you rock!=P =)

  11. we need NEW fashions

  12. well my teacher is starting to talk right now so bye!!!!!!1 Lanny…..

  13. well i am kinda sad because i just wrote a long message/comment to you people and now its gone :(….thanks alot for breaking my dreams lol just kidding

  14. Hii….your funny!!!

  15. I love the new winter scenes – thanks! Looking ahead, please put in some March break furniture/props because many students travel to warm places on the holidays.

  16. Hi Guys! You did a great job on the fall and winter scenes!! Love it 🙂 They look great!!


  17. The Scenes Are Very Creative And Very Creative To Show Colour .

  18. Forgot my password. what do i do?

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