Art Update: Headwear, Shapes and Scenes

This weekend we updated the site with several new scenes, a new headwear and a new basic object in the comic builder.

For characters, a hijab and turban have been added to the headwear category. To access them, you’ll need to go to the Advanced Builder – here’s a short video that shows you how:

In the comic builder, we’ve added new scenes including a detailed classroom, hallway and the outside of a school.

New Scenes

Also in the comic builder, we have a new type of object, Shapes. Each shape has various states allowing a huge number of options when you’re making your comics.

New shapes options


18 responses to “Art Update: Headwear, Shapes and Scenes

  1. Thanks for more scenes and items!

  2. I think it’s a great idea to add more scenes. I know I have been struggling to find a locker scene just weeks before. I think it’d be a good idea to include a scene where you are looking from the outside of a house, in. I had to use the shapes section to make my own house. It worked, but wasn’t a very efficient idea. I’d think it would be cool if you added more types of clothing and shoes such as a longer skirt and high heels. It would be nice if the whole winter clothing collection was added along with many winter scenes.
    ~Amy. 7Peterson. Talbot Trail Public School.~

  3. Is there any way to add something so the kids can support their favourite hockey teams. Or so I can support the LEAFS?

  4. Thanks for the hijab — it’s more reflective of my students and the books we are reading!

  5. Is there a way that animals could be added as characters?
    Many of my students have asked to add dogs and horses to their comics…


  6. I love the new scenes you have added. My students and I are looking forward to the addition of animals. They are really enjoying the program and are completing assignments really quickly because it is so much fun! Thanks for the great teaching tool.

  7. My co-op students from our high school are creating comics regarding their time at their placements, so if you could add scenes or objects from workplaces like hospitals, dental offices, accounting, architecture, automotive, fashion, just to name a few, that would be helpful. Also, they take the bus and subway, so transportation scenes would be great as well. Thanks

  8. I am a student who uses your system and I would like if you made a Bedroom Scene thank you
    p.s if you read this message please add more clothes choices on advance builder.

  9. Our students are creating comics that discuss issues about SELF ADVOCACY and being able to advocate their needs. If tools such as headphones with a microphone could be added to reflect Assistive Technology . Someone else had suggested a wheelchair and I thought that was a great idea too.

  10. Christina Grant

    Talk about motivation: Bitstrips is one of the only assignments students couldn’t wait to go home and work on some more…and I didn’t even assign any homework!

  11. coooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll

  12. Can you add more black hairstyles

  13. Is it possible to add a train scene?

  14. Just to let you know, even before this update I was making a comic that needed a bus as public transportation, and since there were no decent shapes to use, I made my own bus from things from the props section. It actually looked pretty real if you play with the colours a bit.
    Tip: The oranges/cookies/hockey pucks could be used as wheels on a bus!

  15. this is so cool my class and me love it so much this should keep this on in the !!!!!!

  16. Would also love to see some common animals (household pets, farm animals) on this program. We have a language activity that needs these things to be effective.

  17. yes jill i like that idea!

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